The process of finding jobs has revolutionised over the years ever since online job findings platforms have been introduced. However, the competition is also increasing day by day as people from around the world are acquiring skills to enhance their resumes and personal potential. Pakistan has a developing economic market with various job opportunities for all sorts of people.


  1. PK: has become a very popular site when it comes to finding jobs online. A great feature of this website is that it has jobs for each and every single category and age group. It alerts you about new job openings via email and matches your area of interest with the sort of jobs available. has the option to create your resume online and calculate potential salary that one can get based on credentials. Earlier Rozee partnered with Careem in a venture to give people the opportunity to get their resumes redesigned and apply for jobs.

  1. COM: is also an emerging website for jobs in Pakistan. It has various job openings for software developers, graphic designers, marketing managers etc. Candidates can narrow down their search by entering the city they want a job in and can share their resume with interested employers. The website has a simple user interface in addition to other features.
  2. COM: is a website based on providing job opportunities in the Middle East region with special focus on jobs in Pakistan. Interested people can narrow down their search by entering their city, area of interest, past experiences and even gender.

The site also gives job alerts via email and lets you upload your resume on so interested employers can contact you.




There are some things which are necessary if one needs to find a good job.

  • Have an up to date resume in the latest format and know your expertise.

Respond with apt and adequate responses to employers.